Daylight Savings Today But Not For Hawaii

Dated: 03/11/2018

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Image titleIt’s another morning like any other until you realize you are an hour “behind”. No, you didn’t wake up late, but likely forgot that today is when we adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Before smartphones and automatic clock adjustment, I would definitely feel a bit frazzled and wonder where the hour went. Luckily, this is something you don’t need to worry about when you live in Hawaiʻi.

The purpose of Daylight Savings Time was for making use of available daylight. Since the Hawaiian islands are close to the equator, sunrise and sunset hours do not fluctuate as much as it does for Northern areas and therefore has no need to observe Daylight Savings Time. Instead, we continue on our daily routines without missing a beat and, of course, enjoy the beautiful days.

Is it time for you to schedule a visit to Hawaiʻi?

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