Extracurricular Activity For The Kids In The Community

Dated: 04/12/2018

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As my daughter gets older we decided that she needed to be active in sports or something that will keep her doing something other than playing on an iPad or being stuck to the television all day.  

This year my daughter surprised my husband and I by asking if she could play flag football with the Westside Eagles.  As a young girl growing up I played touch football and flag football with the boys and in school.  When she asked me to play I was ok with it even though my husband had his doubts but when you have people like my cousin or my husband who volunteer their time to coach the children you want your kids to be more involved.  Flag Football goes from April into June and has a game every Sunday with two byes in the season.  Practice is 3 times a week for my daughter as well so making sure she keeps up with her school work and grades is important to us and to the football association which is good.  Now it's balancing football with soccer.  

We started with putting her in the game of soccer in which my husband got involved with AYSO in Kona 10 years before we had our daughter.  Her first year was as soon as she turned 5 years old.  This allowed us to get her involved with other kids her age and outside of her preschool.  After not coaching for almost 5 years it also got my husband to get into doing something physical as well.  AYSO soccer organization does Fall and Spring season soccer for the kids in which my daughter got involved with during those times in the year.  

This year we wanted to see what else she would be interested in so we signed her up for music lessons at the Junior Music Academy.  She has currently been in this classes for a period of almost 6 months.  We wanted her to have the opportunity to see if she would love music.  Miss Mary has been so awesome with the children and the way she teaches the kids has been phenomenal.  My daughter is learning to play the piano, read notes and learn the keys at the same time as well as playing a little bit of the guitar.  She loves it and she does this every Tuesday night for an hour.  

We also wanted to be sure my daughter learned how to swim so I found swim lessons that were being taught online with the Kona Dolphins Swim Club with instructor Joyce Fallis.  I would definitely recommend her for your children that are learning to swim.  My daughter was going to swimming every Sunday and sometimes during the week.  After a few lessons were asked if our daughter wanted to join their swim team.  Being in an activity such as swimming you have to be sure you are committed to taking your child to practices, swim meets, and helping out where help is needed which would mean volunteering your time.  With my schedule being the way it is we decided to not go with her joining the swim team even though my daughter was more than willing to do it.  Instead we will continue for her to do her swimming lessons.  

I think it's important to be involved with your community and getting your children involved with sports.  This will broaden your network of people within your community and get to know more people.  When my husband first volunteered when we had no children I always thought what is he doing but the people he met coaching soccer for 10 years are still families and friends till this day.  Get involved in your community especially in the area that you live in, know what is going on and keep on top of the different activities and events that are happening around you.  


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